Clever Marketing Campaigns Not Just For Products or Services

Well about two weeks ago I wrote a blog called “Reflection on NTFM” which can be found if you click that title, in it I reflected on my time studying New Technologies For Marketers and how it introduced me to blogging about marketing topics, I also explained how I was given the topics to blog about on a weekly basis but enjoyed it so much I would attempt to keep it up now that college is over. I thought it was going to be difficult to choose my topics but my first blog jumped at me today while going through Twitter and Facebook. My first self-selected blog is an observation of how an Irish musician has used a very innovative marketing campaign to launch her debut single.

Róisín O’Reilly, known by her stage name Róisín O, is the sister of The Coronas lead singer Danny O’Reilly and daughter of Mary Black. She released her debut single “Here We Go” on Friday 25th May 2012. Róisín O showed some great innovative marketing today when she decided it was time to get herself and her single known. The video for the song which you can find at the end of this blog contains people dressed in skeleton costumes. Today people dressed in the same costumes walked around Dublin holding signs that read #HereWeGo and as a result it started trending on twitter in Ireland. Photos like these started appearing on twitter and lots of people were talking about it.

Not only were photos appearing on twitter but people also started to use the hashtag, tweets appeared asking what was #HereWeGo all about, and who were the skeletons, others tweeted that they got a fright by the skeletons. the conversation grew to the extent that #HereWeGo started to trend on twitter in Ireland. Tweets like these started appearing on twitter which fuled the suspicions of twiter.

Many more people were talking about it too, once the topic started trending and interest was stirred up, Róisín O tweeted to explain what it was about including photos they took themselves from the day’s work, all photos can be found on her Facebook page here. With people across Dublin talking about Róisín O and her new single what more could she ask for. Digital marketing and the use of social media in marketing is a relatively new thing breaking away from the traditional forms of marketing and she has showed how effective it can be even on a small scale. If she were to roll it out on a slightly wider scale with more Skeletons with more signs and in more cities around Ireland I wouldn’t be surprised if her single went to the top of the Irish music charts. Róisín O is sure to become a well-known Irish artist if she continues to launch herself and her music in such innovative ways, there are many artists and even business that could learn a lot from her innovative style of marketing herself and her music. I will leave you with the song in question which is one i really love at the moment.


Reflection on NTFM

The end of the semester is upon us, another year over, and for those of us on the ladder system it’s the end of our level 7 degree, in 2 weeks’ time we will be finished and awaiting exam results to see if we have passed and are qualified marketers. This also means the end of the New Technologies For Marketers module which had me writing blogs on a weekly basis since February. All these blogs can be found on my blog homepage for those of you interested in reading them. They were all based on topics we were given to write about and all centred on some aspect of marketing or social media. We were asked as our final blog to reflect upon the subject and our blogs and our experience.

My NTFM experience begins back in December when I was choosing me subjects for this semester, I was approaching my Christmas exams, I was stressed and my asthma was playing up, I decided I wanted to ease my stress so would not choose subjects I found interesting but instead choose subjects that sound easy and had the most of the marks going towards continuous assessment so I could cut down the amount of final exams, I came across the description for NTFM it stated that it was 100% continuous assessment and would be focusing on the use of Facebook and Twitter as a marketers aid. This was screaming my name, as all my close friends will tell you I have a major Twitter addiction and it had no final exam. I applied for it as my number 1 choice as a result.

The module began in week 2 of the semester and I remember sitting in the first lab and laughing to myself as Catherine the lecturer said, “those of you with Facebook and twitter accounts please log in, those of you who don’t have one please register” normally we are told to get off it in class. As well as the obvious reasons for enjoying the subject it soon became my favourite as the theory classes were interesting, relevant and engaging, the labs introduced me to new Social Medias I didn’t use such as Pinterest and it thought me about aspects of Facebook and twitter I never knew existed. I couldn’t be happier, at this point; I made the best decision ever choosing this. Then one day Catherine walked into the lab and said, “The next thing we are going to look at is blogging” this wasn’t too bad until the next statement was made, “ye are all going to write a weekly blog giving your opinions on topics myself and Colette choose and its part of your continuous assessments so there is no choice”. I thought to myself this is karma coming back to punish me for choosing the subject out of laziness, and I was trying to think of a way out of writing the blogs.

Now as many people would tell you, my Mother more so than anyone else, I have never been short of an opinion and since I was a child I have never been afraid to express my opinion even if it would get me into trouble, so you may think I’d love blogging. However the reason I was dreading this is the fact I’m a bad dyslexic who has trouble reading and writing. My spelling is bad, my grammar tends to get mixed up, I’m a slow reader, I don’t understand what I have read a lot of the time, and I was going to have to publish to the world blogs written by me. I had the sweats in this class as thoughts of secondary school flooded back where there was sniggering if I was asked to read, now there would be sniggering if people were to attempt to read what I’m saying. I went home that day and while sitting on the bus and train going home scenarios were going around in my head where people would see my bad spelling and think there was something wrong with me, or worse think I was stupid. As the first topic was given to us I began to think rationally, I could write it in Microsoft word and use spell check, and if we need to read other articles online about the topic we are blogging about I could just see who others have referenced and save myself attempting to read through stuff. This didn’t seem too bad, so I wrote my first blog, and hit the publish button, there was no turning back now, it was out there on the big bad internet for anyone to read. I told my friends about it and they had a read off it, and came back to me. The feedback I received was all good, the blog was full of my opinions and unique views, and it had my name all over it and made an interesting read they said. I felt some confidence grow, the following week we had our second blog, I wrote it and this time posted it on twitter and Facebook so my friends could read again, my view count on the blog went up and my comments on Facebook were all positive. The sniggering I feared wasn’t there, people were enjoying my blogs. I began to enjoy it and even started reading other online blogs and articles so I could back up my points with information I found myself rather than links others in my class used, after one of my more recent posts I received feedback on Facebook which you can see in this photo (Pablo Manchini is my Facebook account, it’s my nickname and it means anything I post on Facebook is not linked back to Mark Ryan). NTFM took its place at the top of my favourite subjects list again.

The end is near and my final NTFM blog is almost finished and I ask myself what have I gained from this module, the answer, I gained loads. I grew in confidence I learned about things such as search engine optimisation (SEO), how to effectively use social media for marketing and much more. It grew my confidence levels to the point where I enjoy blogging so much this won’t be my last, I plan on continuing blogging and expressing my views on relevant marketing and social network topics.

Lastly it opened my eyes up to what I want to do after college, up to this point if I was asked what I want to do with my marketing degree I would have told you there are two areas I want to go into, branding and brand management was the first and my second was politics. I studied marketing so I could market myself in a political campaign as it’s an area I’ve always wanted to move into. Now I have a new direction I want to go in before I start my political career, I want to do digital marketing as its interesting, relevant, cost effective and it’s an area business need to develop a lot more than they have and i really enjoy doing it.

So I want to take this time to thank both my lecturers Colette and Catherine for running such an interesting module, this has truly changed how I view so much in life from my career path to how companies should do their marketing. Online is the way forward and online is the way I shall continue to go. However I leave you with this advert, it shows how the power of TV advertising is just as effective as ever and shouldn’t be removed for digital marketing but done alongside digital marketing.

Has Social Media Gone too far?

In recent times there has been a backlash against the likes of Google tailoring our search results instead of showing us what the world has to offer, if two people search the exact same topic at the exact same time on the exact same search engine, chances are they will get completely different results, results tailored based upon what they have viewed before. Due to this backlash people have begun questioning all aspects of our online lives and the question “has social media gone too far?” is one of the ones being asked. So what do people think? I by no means claim to be a social media expert but I thought I would give my opinion on this topic.

Cyber Bullying

I’m sure at this stage most people reading this blog will have heard of the Phoebe Prince case. The story of a 15 year old girl who was bullied to the point she took her own life, she had no escape from it, at school, online and anywhere outside her house. Facebook and twitter were at the centre of the online cyber bullying that took place. Even after she had taken her own life the cyber bullying continued with nasty comments being posted on her memorial page on Facebook. To me this doesn’t sound like the amazing platform that Mark Zuckerberg describes on so many occasions, the platform that will connect us all so we never miss a moment.

Content ownership

Anything you upload to Facebook becomes the property of Facebook and you give up all rights on it. If you upload photos of yourself or others without their permission then there is no going back, the photo is owned by Facebook to do as they like with it. Not just photos, anything you upload become their property. What gives Facebook permission to do this you may ask? Well it’s that extremely long contract, or “Terms of use” you agree to when you joined. The contract which is so long we just click accepts on without reading. Not only is it too long for most people to bother reading but it’s the same contract for all users, and Facebook’s age policy is 14 and over so therefore a 14 year old child is expected to understand how everything on this contract will affect them. Truth is very few people do and therefore we just accept, giving up all rights to anything we put on it.

What do I think?

When Google+ first launched they used the following advert:

I am not a fan of Google+ as twitter is my first stop followed by Facebook, but this video paints the picture I imagined my social media life would play in my actual life, and for the most part it’s true. I have family in both America and in London, and I know exactly what they are doing all the time and they know the same about me. I haven’t seen my American cousins in almost 7 years but social networking has allowed me see how they have grown up and matured through photos, videos, messages and status updates. Now I could never try arguing against the Phoebe Prince case, and never would as what happened was horrible and wrong and aided by social networking platforms, but I also feel that like most things in life there is a good and a bad side to it with stories backing both sides to the extreme and that one sure does back the negative side of social networking to an extreme.

I feel most of the parts of social networking we complain about, are the points that are fairly irrelevant, I feel we have become a paranoid society where we fear other people knowing too much about us. During the Celtic Tiger when people had money it was all about showing everyone what you had by buying new cars every year, living in a 5 bed house when all you need is a 2 or 3 bed just because you can, going on holiday every year or even twice a year and coming back with your holiday pictures. Now we fear others knowing about us as we no longer can afford the new car or the big house or the holidays in the sun, and this is a side we don’t like others to see. As a result a backlash against social networks being so open, taking ownership of our photos and keeping or accounts and information saved after we delete them in case we ever want to come back has occurred. My opinion to social networking is “if I wouldn’t show it to my grandmother then I won’t put it up there” and as a result of this attitude I never once have feared what Facebook now own belonging to me as I have nothing at all to hide. I feel social networking has done exactly what Mark Zuckerberg claimed it would, its brought us closer to people we no longer get to see, its aided us in communicating with loved ones and its certainly allowed me see my family abroad grow up over the past few years and with the launch of the new Facebook timeline as you can see from this video, all this is getting easier to do.

The big question

The big question on my mind is which social network people are updating the post. results will be fun.